Planning Advice

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How we can advise you

We provide positive advice about improving schemes, not just advise whether they are likely to be supported, and in our responses we will advise about the information needed for a subsequent application.

Getting specialist advice from us before you make a planning application could help you:

  • avoid costly mistakes
  • save time
  • understand our policies and specialist areas
  • identify potential problems early on and find solutions
  • get advice about how to improve your scheme

You can submit a planning advice request using our online form:


Types of Prior Approval

There are different types of prior approval which require various levels of detail baThe more information you give us about what you want to do, the more valuable and precise our advice will be. This includes:efore a Council will assess a proposal. Depending on what you are seeking prior approval for, you could be required to submit information on a wide variety of aspects of the proposal, including:

Why Choose Us

Why choose us?


Our experience spans many sectors and many types of application for many types of client.

Experienced Team

We love a good challenge. We achieve permission where others have failed.


We will listen, advise and achieve the outcome you need.

Tailored to you

We get to the heart of the issue and develop achievable strategies to unlock each problem.