Lease and title plans


What is a Lease Plan?

Simply put, a Land Registry compliant Lease Plan is an application to keep the government and everybody else in the loop about who owns which properties, as well as all the grisly details like their size, layout, floor levels, etc. Our lease plans are compliant with the Land Registry, a department of the government that deals with monitoring land ownership across the nation. 

A lease plan primarily consists of a blueprint-style map of your property’s dimensions, seen from a top-down angle. This map has to be consistent with a government Ordnance Survey map, which documents the layout of everything else in the surrounding area (neighbouring houses, roads, fields, etc). The lease plan map should slot seamlessly into the Ordnance map like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Real Estate Agent Looking at Plans

What is a Title Plan?

Land Registry Compliant Title Plans are required to accurately identify and illustrate the boundaries of a Freehold property or Land, under rule 5 of the Land Registration Rules 2003. A title plan is a document used to determine the ownership of a property or piece of land. Title plans specifically apply to Freehold properties, rather than Leasehold properties which would instead require a lease plan.

Title plans have a greater emphasis on clearly marking boundaries, thoroughfares, access points, watercourses, as well as conveying a sense of how the property fits in with its general surroundings. The boundaries of the building are outlined in different colours; usually red for private areas, green for communal areas, and blue for transferable areas. Hatched shading on an area indicates parcels of land where easements, covenants and potential conflicts of ownership with other landowners may apply.