Architectural & Planning Drawings

Architectural Drawings & Planning Drawings

At AJ Plans we produce detailed architectural drawings using the latest CAD (computer-aided design) software. The architectural drawings produced by our team allow the client’s ideas to be developed into a coherent proposal in order to accelerate a smooth development through planning. When submitting an application to the local authority, they will need to understand the appearance of the existing property and current site characteristics. Proposed drawings will also be provided to identify the alterations.

How we produce our architectural drawings

In order to produce architectural drawings it is likely that we will need to carry out a measured survey of the premises. During a measured survey we will make an accurate recording of the client’s property using a laser measure. Following the survey, the architectural drawings will be produced. The client can expect to receive initial architectural drawings approximately two weeks after the site survey.

What is the difference between Planning and Building Regulation drawings?

It is important that you are not confused between the two as they are very different. Planning Drawings are what come first in the service. The Planning Drawings are what is submitted to the planning department at the council to gain the permission for a particular proposal. Once the permission is granted, the Building Regulation drawings are to follow. The Building Regulation drawings, which are commonly referred to as technical drawings, are the detailed breakdown of the approved drawings to show all of the construction details.

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